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What is cobalt II phosphate used for? Is Cobalt Phosphate violet or Blue? Is cobalt phosphate soluble? Can be used in Ceramics and Pottery


Cobalt phosphate is the inorganic compound with the formula Co3(PO4)2. It is a commercial inorganic pigment known as cobalt violet. Thin films of this material are water oxidation catalysts.

Cobalt phosphates with open framework present various physical performances in relation to their structures. In fact, the development of new materials that could potentially be ionic conductors or ion exchangers led us to examine the CoP -O and A-CoP -O crystallographic systems (A: monovalent cation) and their different methods of synthesis. This work consists first of all in highlighting the crystalline phases of cobalt phosphates. Indeed, many works related to the discovery of some of these materials with interesting properties, in particular ionic conductivity, motivated our research and encouraged us to collect several cobalt phosphates and to correlate structure-physical properties in particular electrical properties.

How to use Cobalt Phosphate Colour in the art?

The study of several commercial paints and dry pigments, as well as paint samples removed from works of art, allowed the identification of cobalt phosphate, a pigment that has not previously been reported in the literature. This article focuses on the composition, characterization and occurrences of this pigment as well as other violet and cobalt blue compounds used as artists' pigments, namely cobalt phosphate, cobalt phosphate octahydrate, ammonium cobalt phosphate hydrate and lithium cobalt phosphate. Cobalt phosphate, a pigment frequently mentioned in the literature on artists' materials, has not yet been unambiguously identified. The introduction of these compounds as pigments is briefly discussed.

Formula: Co3(PO4)2  
Molecular Weight: 366.74231 g/mol
Form: purple hygroscopic powder; [Alfa Aesar MSDS]cas
CAS Number: 13455-36-2
Density: 3.81 g/cm³
Synonyms: cobalt violet, cobalt(II) phosphate, cobalt orthophosphate, Pigment Violet 14, Phosphoric acid, cobalt(2+) salt (2:3)

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The Role of Cobalt Phosphate in Enhancing the Activity toward Water Oxidation

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