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What is SILVER BIRD? - a silver ceramic glaze effect for your earthenware ceramic and pottery house to achieve remarkable gloss silver exciting final effects

Many people want to know what is a glaze. Glazing is a technique that requires:

Liquid Glaze is perfect for brush on. It should be coated 2-3 times with a soft brush after the first fire. After drying please fire between 1000-1080°C. Shake and stir very well prior to use. If the glaze becomes thickened over time simply add water and stir thoroughly.

Dry glaze is to be dissolved in water to a thick paste which should be thinned to the proper density. I recommend the proportion - 60%:40% (40g. glaze and 25ml. water). Mellowing and screening before use is pertinent. The glaze density depends on the way of application and on the body porosity. A thick porous bisque, which absorbs the water fast, requires rather a thinner glaze than a tighter, less porous body, which absorbs the water slowly. Each glaze is recommended to be tested with various layers on the body concerned and under determined conditions.  The mixing of the glazes is possible in order to change color shade, melting properties or to achieve some artistic effects. Sometimes the glaze coat can crawl due to the presence of dust, grease or dirt on the bisque. Glazed pieces have to be well dried before the firing. The firing temperature should correspond to the given data. When fired less, the glaze will be rough and matte, fired hotter, the glaze runs down the piece or soaks into the body.

Quantity: 40 g. (1.41 oz.)
Firing temperature: 980°C - 1080°C (1800-1976° F) (Cone 04) 
Surface: Satin 
Luminescence: Semitransparent 
Lead content: lead-free, 0% 

Cone 04APseal RDinnerware Safe

What is a glaze, what is antiquing and other Q/A for painting and glazing can be found in the section: Paint and Glaze.

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SILVER BIRD Effect ceramic glaze earthenware Blythe Colours

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