Liquid bright gold Heraeus for ceramics

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Description & Usage:

Before firing, allow items to sit in a dust-free, warm room for several hours to dry.  Ventilate the kiln well especially in the early stages of firing.The Platinum must be diluted with appropriate thinner (diluent), ask for details. Apply by brush onto glazed earthenware, glass, and porcelain.  Airbrush application for professional use only. Application should always be on glazed objects, thoroughly clean and should be kept moisture free. Designate a brush for application use (to avoid contamination), and dip brush directly into bottle.  Clean brush with the same diluent.

The final result depends on the firing temperature, on the total time of firing, the soak time and not least on the properties of the glaze. To achieve best result, we recommend the user to make tests under the individual conditions.

The bright precious metal preparations for brush application are ready to use. They can be applied without further thinning and distinguish themselves by their excellent application properties.

The high quality of the preparation used is an absolute prerequisite for manufacturing high-quality products. The quality of a decoration, however, depends on the preparation, application, substrate surface and firing conditions. A variation in only one factor – for instance, the firing conditions, has an immediate influence that leads to altered properties of the final result.

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Liquid Bright Platinum for Ceramics

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