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Gold effect glaze and why you should use it in your earthenware pottery ceramic production to achieve amazing gloss exciting final effects in your pottery house

GOLD Brush-On Earthenware Glaze is available ready to use straight from the bottle, simply stir well then apply many coats or one thick layer to your bisque. Let the glaze dry move it to the kiln for firing. For best results fire 1040°C with a 30-minute soak. The dry glaze should be dissolved prior to use.

Liquid Glaze Gold

The glaze is perfect for brush on. It should be coated 2-3 times with a soft brush. After drying please fire between 1000-1080°C. Shake and stir very well prior to use. If the glaze becomes thickened over time simply add water and stir thoroughly.

Dry glaze Gold

This gold pottery glaze is to be dissolved in water. I recommend the proportion - 60%:40% (40g. glaze and 25ml. water). Mellowing and screening before use are pertinent. 

Each glaze is recommended to be tested with various layers on the body concerned and under determined conditions.

Gold glaze pottery refers to ceramic pieces that have been glazed with a gold-colored glaze to create a luxurious and decorative effect. Here are some key points about gold glaze pottery:

Gold Glaze Composition: Gold glazes for pottery can contain metallic compounds or pigments that mimic the appearance of gold. These compounds often include metallic oxides like iron, copper, or titanium combined with other colorants and fluxes to achieve a gold color.

Application and Firing: Gold glazes are typically applied to the surface of pottery using a brush, spray, or dipping method. The glaze is then fired at the appropriate temperature in a kiln to achieve the desired effect. The firing process allows the glaze to melt and bond to the ceramic surface, resulting in a durable and lustrous gold finish.

Variation in Gold Effects: Gold glazes can produce a range of effects depending on factors such as glaze thickness, firing temperature, and the specific composition of the glaze. The color and appearance can vary from bright, reflective gold to deeper, more antique gold tones. The final result may also exhibit variations in texture and reflectivity, adding depth and complexity to the glaze's appearance.

Decorative Applications: Gold glaze pottery is often used for decorative purposes due to its rich and opulent appearance. It can be applied to various ceramic forms, including vases, bowls, tiles, and figurines, enhancing their aesthetic appeal and value. Gold glazes can be used to highlight specific details, patterns, or designs on the ceramic surface, creating an eye-catching focal point.

Considerations and Limitations: It's important to note that gold glazes may contain materials that may interact with other glazes or be sensitive to specific firing conditions. Additionally, the cost of gold glazes and the specialized firing techniques required for their application can make them relatively expensive compared to other glazes. Proper understanding of the specific gold glaze being used and careful execution during the glazing and firing process are crucial for achieving the desired results.

Gold glaze pottery offers a way to incorporate the richness and elegance of gold into ceramic artwork, creating pieces that exude beauty and sophistication.

Quantity: 40 g. (1.41 oz.) 

Firing temperature: 980-1080°C (1800-1976°F) (Cone 04) 
Surface: Satin 
Luminescence: Cover (opaque)
Lead content: lead-free, 0% 

What is glaze, what is antiquing and other Q/A for painting and glazing can be found in the section: Paint and Glaze.

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GOLD Effect ceramic glaze earthenware Degussa made in Germany

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