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What is uranyl nitrate used for? Is uranyl radioactive? Is uranyl nitrate uranium? How do you get uranyl nitrate? Where can I buy Uranium Nitrate


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Uranyl nitrate is a water-soluble yellow uranium salt with the formula UO2(NO3)2 · n H2O. The hexa-, tri-, and dihydrates are known. The compound is mainly of interest because it is an intermediate in the preparation of nuclear fuels.

Uranyl nitrate, also known as uranium nitrate (UO2(NO3)2), is a compound composed of uranium (U) and nitrate (NO3) ions. It forms yellow-green crystals and is highly soluble in water.

Uranyl nitrate has several applications, including:

Nuclear Fuel: Uranyl nitrate is a key intermediate in the production of nuclear fuel for nuclear reactors. It is used in the process of converting mined uranium ore into a form suitable for nuclear power generation. Uranyl nitrate is further processed to extract uranium and convert it into uranium dioxide (UO2), which is the main component of fuel pellets used in nuclear reactors.

Nuclear Research: Uranyl nitrate is used in laboratories for various research purposes in nuclear physics, chemistry, and related fields. It can be employed in experiments involving uranium and radioactive materials to study nuclear reactions, radiation detection, and other nuclear phenomena.

Analytical Chemistry: Uranyl nitrate is utilized in analytical chemistry for the determination of elements such as fluoride, chloride, and sulfate ions. It is a common reagent in analytical techniques like gravimetry, titration, and spectrophotometry.

Stain for Microscopy: Uranyl nitrate is used as a stain in electron microscopy to enhance the contrast and visibility of biological samples and materials. It reacts with certain structures and components, allowing researchers to observe specific features in greater detail.

Luminescent Materials: Uranyl nitrate is sometimes employed in the production of luminescent materials, such as uranium glass. These materials exhibit fluorescence under ultraviolet light and have been used in the manufacturing of decorative items, glassware, and jewelry.


During the first half of the 19th century, many photosensitive metal salts had been identified as candidates for photographic processes, among them uranyl nitrate. The prints thus produced were called uranium prints or uranotypes.

It's important to note that uranium and its compounds, including uranyl nitrate, are radioactive and require proper handling, storage, and disposal due to their potential health and environmental hazards. The use of uranyl nitrate is subject to strict regulations and controls to ensure safety and prevent unauthorized access to radioactive materials.

Processing of nuclear fuels

Uranyl nitrate is important for nuclear reprocessing. It is the compound of uranium that results from dissolving the decladded spent nuclear fuel rods or yellowcake in nitric acid, for further separation and preparation of uranium hexafluoride for isotope separation for preparing of enriched uranium. A special feature of uranyl nitrate is its solubility in tributyl phosphate, which allows uranium to be extracted from the nitric acid solution. Its high solubility is attributed to the formation of the lipophilic adduct.

Formula: UO2(NO3)· 6H2O
Molar Mass: 502.129 g/mol
Form: Yellow orthorhombic crystals
CAS Number: 13520-83-7
IUPAC name: (T-4)-bis(nitrato-κO)dioxouranium
Density: 2.807 g/cm³
Synonyms: Uranium nitrate oxide (UO2(NO3)2), Bis(nitrato-O)dioxouranium, dioxouranium;nitric acid, Uranium, bis(nitrato-O)dioxo-, (T-4)-, Yellow salt, Uranium oxynitrate, Dinitratodioxouranium, bis(nitrato-kO)(dioxo)uranium, Bis(nitrato)dioxouranium, Uranium, bis(nitrato-O)dioxo-, Uranyl(Ⅵ)nitrate hexahydrate; uranyl nitrate, hexahydrate, solution; hexahydrate(t-4)-uranium; Uranium, bis(nitrato)dioxo-, hexahydrate

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Uranyl Nitrate Hexahydrate - a chemical compound of uranium

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