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What is Manganese Chloride used for? Is Manganese Chloride safe to handle? How can Manganese Chloride be used as a colorant in Ceramis and Pottery production


Manganese(II) chloride (MnCl2) is a chemical compound composed of manganese and chlorine atoms. It is one of the most common forms of manganese chloride and has various industrial, laboratory, and commercial applications.

Here's an overview of manganese(II) chloride and its uses:


Appearance: Manganese(II) chloride typically appears as a pale pink or rose-colored crystalline solid.

Solubility: It is soluble in water, which makes it suitable for various aqueous solutions and reactions.


Chemical Reagent: Manganese(II) chloride is used as a chemical reagent in various laboratory and industrial processes. It serves as a source of manganese ions in chemical reactions and can participate in redox reactions.

Electroplating: Manganese(II) chloride is used in electroplating processes, particularly in the deposition of manganese coatings on metal surfaces. This can enhance corrosion resistance and provide an attractive finish.

Catalyst: It is employed as a catalyst in some chemical reactions, including organic synthesis and polymerization processes.

Additive: In certain cases, manganese(II) chloride is used as an additive in animal feed. It provides essential manganese nutrition to livestock and poultry.

Battery Manufacturing: Manganese(II) chloride is used in the production of various types of batteries, including dry-cell batteries. It helps improve the performance and efficiency of battery systems.

Chemical Research: In research laboratories, manganese(II) chloride is used as a versatile reagent in various experiments and reactions.

Waste Water Treatment: It can be employed in wastewater treatment processes to remove contaminants or precipitate metals from industrial effluents.

Medicine: In medicine, manganese(II) chloride has been studied for its potential therapeutic applications, particularly in neurology and neuroimaging.

Analytical Chemistry: It is used in analytical chemistry techniques for the determination of specific elements or compounds in samples.

Dye Production: Manganese(II) chloride is sometimes used in the production of dyes and pigments.

It's important to handle manganese(II) chloride with care, especially in its powdered form, as it can pose health risks if inhaled or ingested. Safety precautions should be followed when working with this chemical compound in industrial settings or laboratory environments.


Aqueous solutions of manganese(II) chloride are used in 31P-NMR to determine the size and lamellarity of phospholipid vesicles. When manganese chloride is added to a vesicular solution, Mn2+ paramagnetic ions are released, perturbing the relaxation time of the phospholipids' phosphate groups and broadening the resulting 31P resonance signal. Only phospholipids located in the outermost monolayer exposed to Mn2+ experience this broadening. The effect is negligible for multilamellar vesicles, but for large unilamellar vesicles, a ~50% reduction in signal intensity is observed.

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Formula: MnCl2·4H2O

Molar mass: 197.91 g/mol
Form: octahedral pink crystals
CAS Number: 13446-34-9
EC Number: 231-869-6
Density: 2.01 g/cm³
Synonyms: Manganese (II) chloride, Manganese(2+);dichloride, Sacchite, manganese-chloride, Cl2Mn, ACMC-20akkt, Manganous chloride

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Manganese(II) Chloride: Properties, Uses, and Applications

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