• Welte Glazes KGG 113 - Mohnrot (Moon red)

Welte Glazes KGG 113 - Mohnrot (Moon red) effect glaze and why you should use it in your earthenware pottery ceramic production to achieve amazing gloss exciting final effects.

KGG 113 Mohnrot (Moon red) Brush-On Earthenware Glaze is available ready to use straight from the bottle, simply stir well then apply many coats or one thick layer to your bisque. Let the glaze dry move it to the kiln for firing. For best results fire 1040°C with a 30-minute soak. The dry glaze should be dissolved prior to use. Brilliant, intense red gloss glaze, covering all colors. Low flow value. Thicker applying recommended. Glaze requires an oxygen-rich burning environment, sensitive to evaporation.

Liquid Glaze Mohnrot (Moon red) 

Effect Minecraft is perfect for brush on. It should be coated 2-3 times with a soft brush. After drying please fire between 1000-1080°C. Shake and stir very well prior to use. If the glaze becomes thickened over time simply add water and stir thoroughly.

Dry powder Mohnrot (Moon red) 

This glaze is to be dissolved in water. I recommend the proportion - 60%:40% (40g. glaze and 25ml. water). Mellowing and screening before use is pertinent. 

Each glaze is recommended to be tested with various layers on the body concerned and under determined conditions.

Quantity: 40 g. (1.41 oz.) If you need a larger quantity, please ask
Firing temperature: 980-1080°C (1800-1976°F) (Cone 04) 
Surface: Gloss
Luminescence: Cover
Lead content: lead-free, 0% 

What is a glaze, what is antiquing and other Q/A for painting and glazing can be found in the section: Paint and Glaze.

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KGG 113 - Mohnrot (Moon red) Effect gloss ceramic glaze earthenware Welte glazes Germany

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