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  • Barium Sulfate: Properties, Applications, and Industrial Uses

What is Barium sulfate? How is Barium sulfate used in medical imaging? What are the properties of Barium sulfate? What is the role of Barium sulfate in the photography industry


Barium sulfate (BaSO₄) is an inorganic compound that is commonly used in various industries for different purposes. Here are some key aspects of barium sulfate:

Properties of Barium Sulfate:

Barium sulfate is a white crystalline solid that is odorless and insoluble in water.

It occurs naturally as the mineral barite or can be synthesized chemically.

Barium sulfate is highly resistant to acids and bases.

Uses of Barium Sulfate:

Medical Imaging (Barium Sulfate Suspension): Barium sulfate is widely used in medical radiology for imaging the digestive system. A suspension of barium sulfate is ingested by the patient before X-ray examinations of the gastrointestinal tract. The high atomic number of barium enhances the contrast in X-ray images, allowing for better visualization of the digestive organs.

Barium sulfate is used as a weighting agent in drilling fluids in the oil and gas industry. It helps control the pressure in the wellbore and prevents blowouts during drilling operations.

Paints and Coatings: Barium sulfate is used as a filler or extender in the production of paints and coatings. It improves the durability and brightness of the finished products.

Plastics and Rubber Industries: It is employed as a filler in the production of plastics and rubber to enhance their properties.

Paper Industry: Barium sulfate is used in the paper industry as a coating pigment to improve the brightness and smoothness of paper.

Electronics: In the electronics industry, barium sulfate is used as a component in the manufacture of certain electronic components.

Photography: Barium sulfate has been historically used in some photographic papers and films.

While barium sulfate has various industrial applications, it's important to handle it with care, as barium compounds can be toxic. Strict safety precautions should be followed in its production and use to minimize potential health risks. Additionally, the disposal of barium sulfate and related compounds should adhere to proper waste management practices to prevent environmental contamination.

It's crucial to note that the specific uses of barium sulfate may vary across industries and applications. Always refer to safety guidelines and regulations when working with or around this substance.

Formula: BaSO4
Molecular Weight: 233.39 g/mol
Form: White crystalline
CAS Number: 7727-43-7
EC Number: 231-784-4
Density: 4.49 g/cm³
Synonyms: BARIUM SULFATE, Barite, Barytes, Barium sulphate, Barosperse, Esophotrast, Macropaque, Micropaque, Microtrast, Radiobaryt, Radiopaque, Baritop, Barotrast, Liquipake, EntroBar, EneMark, Blanc fixe, EneCat, Enamel White, Readi-CAT, Actybaryte, Bakontal, Baraflave, Barodense, Baroloid, Baryxine, Bayrites, Citobaryum, Colonatrast, Danobaryt, Finemeal, Intropaque, Lactobaryt, Liquibarine, Microbar, Microfanox, Neobalgin, Novopaque, Oratrast, Supramike, Suspobar, Tonopaque. Topcontral, Unibaryt, Baricon, Baridol, Barobag, Barocat, Basofor, Eweiss, Mixobar, Neobar, Oesobar, Polibar, Aybar, Tixobar, Travad, Rugar, Barii sulphas, Baryx Colloidal, Permanent White, PrepCat, Barium Andreu, EneSet

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Barium Sulfate: Properties, Applications, and Industrial Uses

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