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  • Tungsten Metal Powder - Wolfram, ACS purity

Tungsten Metal Powder - Wolfram, ACS purity


Tungsten is a chemical element with the symbol W and atomic number 74. It is a hard, dense, steel-gray metal that belongs to the transition metals group in the periodic table. Tungsten has the highest melting point of all metals, and it is exceptionally resistant to corrosion and wear.

Properties: Tungsten is a transition metal and has the highest melting point of all elements, reaching 3,422 degrees Celsius (6,192 degrees Fahrenheit). It is also incredibly dense, with a density similar to gold. Tungsten has a grayish-white appearance and is relatively resistant to corrosion.

Tungsten has several important uses due to its unique properties.

Here are some of its primary applications:

Filaments in Incandescent Bulbs: Tungsten filaments are commonly used in incandescent light bulbs. The high melting point of tungsten allows the filament to become white-hot and emit light when an electric current passes through it.

Electrical and Electronic Devices: Tungsten is used as a material for electrical contacts, particularly in high-voltage and high-current applications. It is also utilized in the production of X-ray tubes, electron microscopes, and other electronic components.

Alloying Agent: Tungsten is often used as an alloying element in the production of various materials. For example, it forms alloys with steel to enhance its hardness and toughness, making it suitable for tools, armor-piercing ammunition, and heavy machinery.

Tungsten Carbide: Tungsten carbide, a compound of tungsten and carbon, is extremely hard and has excellent wear resistance. It is widely used in the manufacturing of cutting tools, drilling bits, dies, and industrial machinery parts.

Aerospace and Defense Applications: Tungsten is utilized in the aerospace and defense industries due to its high density. It is used in the production of balance weights, gyroscopes, and projectiles.

Radiation Shielding: Tungsten alloys are effective in shielding against radiation, making them valuable for applications such as medical imaging (X-rays), nuclear power plants, and radiation therapy equipment.

Jewelry: Tungsten carbide, a compound of tungsten, is used in the creation of jewelry, particularly rings. It is known for its durability, scratch resistance, and permanent polish.

Vibrating Tools and Gyroscopes: Tungsten alloys are used in the manufacture of weights and counterbalances for vibrating tools and gyroscopes due to their high density.

Overall, tungsten's unique properties make it a valuable material in various industrial, technological, and scientific applications.

These are just a few examples of the numerous applications of tungsten. Its unique combination of properties makes it an essential material in various industries and technologies.

Formula: W
Molecular Weight: 183.84 g/mol
Form: greyish lustrous metal powder
CAS Number: 7440-33-7
EC Number: 231-143-9
Density: 19.25 g/cm³
Synonyms: tungsteno, wolframium, EINECS 231-143-9, UNII-V9306CXO6G, Tungsten wire, CCRIS 9484, V9306CXO6G, MFCD00011461, EC 231-143-9, tungstene, volframio, wolframio, Tunsten, Beryllium Sheet, Ammoniumtungstate

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Tungsten Metal Powder - Wolfram, ACS purity The Properties and Applications of Tungsten

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